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On this page we have answered our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Q Will my original photo be changed in any way?
A No. We scan the photo in and then work on the digital image, you will receive your original back in the same condition that we received it.

Q How Should I pack my photos for posting?
A. Ideally you should remove all frames and glass and then place the photo(s) between two sheets of cardboard. If you are sending more than one then place a sheet of paper between each of the photos. If the photo is stuck to the glass then DO NOT try to remove it as you could easily tear the picture. Send the whole lot and we'll deal with it from our end, ensure that the package has plenty of bubble wrap if there is glass in the package. We recommend that you write "Photographs. DO NOT BEND" on the package. Also please ensure that you apply the correct number of stamps for the weight of the parcel. Please pack your photos VERY carefully as we cannot be held liable for any damage that may occur. Here is a link to the royal mail web site advising the correct packing process. Click Here

Please ensure that if you are posting your photos that you include the following:-

a) Include in the package a piece of paper with your NAME & ADDRESS & TELEPHONE NUMBER.
b) Write your NAME & ADDRESS on the back of the envelope/package.
c) If you have an e-mail enclose this and check it regularly after we have received your package.
d) Enclose a cheque for £3 for return posting if you do not accept our quote once we have received you picture. Some other restorers may not ask for this because they send the photos back in the normal post which does not require a signature on delivery and does not provide any cover if the photos are lost in the post. This total will be deducted from your final bill if you choose to accept our quote.

We may receive many parcels each day and we won't be able to tell which photos are yours if you don't include AT LEAST ONE of these, ideally you should do all four. Remember that if we have any problems we will need a contact number and it will speed the process up significantly if you help us to help you.

Q Should I send my photos recorded delivery?
A. This is entirely up to you, we however cannot be held responsible for packages that do not arrive so we would always recommend it.

Q Can you work on my graduation/wedding photos?
A. IMPORTANT COPYRIGHT NOTICE! We cannot work on any photos that YOU do not own the rights for. Generally speaking if you have had some photographs taken by a professional photographer the rights still belong to them. Therefore you need seek permission from them for us to be able to work on them. By sending us your photos you accept full responsibility for any action taken by a third party.

Q Do you offer a photography service?
A. Although we don't directly offer a photography service, we are well connected in the industry and should be able to put you in contact with a reputable photographer.

Q Can I E-mail you my photos?
A. Absolutely. Please ensure that you scan your photos at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Save them as JPEGS at maximum quality level, Also please ensure that you e-mail us prior to sending your files. We request that you do not send any one e-mail that is greater than 10Mb in total, if the total size is greater than 10Mb please send multiple e-mails.

Q I don't think that my photos are repairable, what do you think?
A You'd be surprised at what we can do, as long as the majority of the picture is still there we should be able to do something. There a few general rules to follow though.

1. If the whole face of a person is missing we will not be able to restore it unless you provide us with a picture in a similar vein to the original.
2. We cannot restore badly out of focus photos, if the detail isn't there we can't do anything.
3. Have a look at some of our examples and if all else fails why not give us a call.
4. Please ensure that you tell us exactly what you expect from this service and we will be in a better position to advise you.

Q How long will my order take?
A. This depends on the amount of work needed. The usual turn around for a basic photo restoration is five working days(mon-fri), but if a large amount of work is involved then it could be up to ten working days(Please remember that the post is a lot slower around Christmas time).

Q I can't wait that long, can you do it quicker?
A. Yes we can but there will be a premium applied to your order. Please call us for a quote.

Q Will you deal with orders outside of the UK?
A. Yes, just send us an e-mail or call us. Please try to remember the time differences between the UK and the rest of the world.

Q I don't want a print from you, will it be cheaper if you just e-mail me the picture?
A. Yes, if you just want the picture e-mailed to you then we can discuss the price difference.

Q I have a picture from a magazine that I would like altered, can you do that for me?
A No, the image is almost certainly copyrighted and it goes without saying that no pornographic images will be accepted.

Q I have lost my print(s)/CD of the work that you did for me, do you still have a copy?
A Probably yes, but although we do keep copies of all work that was carried out we cannot guarantee this, give us a ring with your invoice number and we'll check whether we have a copy on file.

Q What methods of payment do you accept?
A At present we accept personal cheques, "Moneybookers", "NOCHEX", debit cards(online only), credit cards*(online only) and postal orders. We ask that if you are paying by cheque that you send payment with the photos to speed up delivery of the restored photos. Please do not send notes and coins through the post as we cannot be held liable for loss. If you will be paying over the internet please contact us after we have received your photos and we will advise you on the amount. If you are paying by credit card (or debit card over £50) you will need to have a mobile phone to pass a security check that will be sent as a text message to your mobile.

*Please note that due to merchant fees, there is a 5% surcharge on all credit & debit card transactions.

DO NOT send credit card details by e-mail! If paying by credit card please contact us and we will discuss how to do so.

Q Is it safe to pay by credit card over the Internet?
A. Yes. We also use the only e-bank(Moneybookers) that is regulated by the FSA(Financial Services Authority) to accept your credit card details.

Q What or who are "NOCHEX" and "Moneybookers"?
A. With the increased need to pay for online services a number of e-banks have emerged, they allow you to pay for services without exposing your bank account to disreputable traders by placing small amounts of money into an account with them. After careful research we decided that "NOCHEX" & "Moneybookers" would be the best choices for our customers, NOCHEX has a very good online reputation and is based in the UK which means that they are easy to contact if the need arose. "Moneybookers" are also based in the UK and are the only e-bank to be regulated by the FSA(Financial Standards Authority) which means that unlike some other American e-banks they are obligated to abide by a code of practice for fair treatment. We would recommend that if you want to pay for our services online that you open either a NOCHEX or Moneybookers account, they are free to open and you never know when they will come in handy, it also means that you can avoid the 5% surcharge for using credit or debit cards.

Q What if I'm not satisfied with the end result?
A. Then send the picture back to us and we will endeavor to repair any aspect you are unhappy with at no extra charge.

Q What happens if you have to do more work than initially thought?
A. We always stick to what we quoted you, so you'll never get a nasty surprise when the bill arrives.

Q Why don't you list a phone number on your website?
A. As an internet company, we are only able to offer such good prices by keeping our costs down. Consequently we prefer to coduct all communication via e-mail. Please be assured that we will answer your e-mail within 24 hours. The studio is open 24 hours a day so you might find we are even quicker.

Q Can I use some of your images for my web site/magazine/report?
A. Not without talking to us first. The answer will probably be yes but we'd want to know where our photos would be going.

NB We know that every photo we receive represents a special memory to that person and as such we treat each photograph as if it were our own treasured possession. We cannot however accept responsibility for any loss/theft/damage of the photos while they are in our possession, by sending your photos to us you understand and accept these terms. It should be noted that we have never lost or damaged a photo in our possession but there are certain circumstances that are beyond our control (natural disasters, theft, etc).

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