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You know that family photo album you have sitting in the cupboard? What would you do if it was destroyed in a fire or flood? So many years and memories lost forever.

With our photo scanning service you can feel safe in the knowledge that all your treasured memories will be protected forever. We can scan all your photos and place them safely on a CD(s) that you can place in a fire proof safe or ask a relative/friend to hold onto for you. How much would you pay to never have to worry about losing your photos again?

Below is an example of a negative that is over 20 years old that has been scanned.

Our scanning service allows you to share your photos with other people without having to send the only copy through the post. You can e-mail photos to relatives around the world if you so choose. By backing up those precious memories it means that all of your children will be able to have a copy of the family photos.

Unlike some high street retailers we ensure that we check every scan to make sure that the quality is as good possible, we also adjust the levels to ensure that you will always get a good print.

You may be able to get scans done on the high street slightly cheaper but those services rarely include level adjustment and are often done by people who have little or no knowledge about digital photography, we are professionals that will not compromise on quality because we know how important a photograph can be!

It's your choice!

We are able to scan normal photos(up to A4 size), negatives, slides etc. If you have a photo that is above A4 size please call us for a scanning quote as the image will have to be scanned in as at least two documents and then pieced together which could take a little bit of time.

Prices for the scanning service will depend on the number of images that you would like scanned in, below is a table to illustrate the costs involved. All images are cropped resized(where appropriate) and the levels adjusted. It should be noted that the prices below refer to photos NOT in albums, please remove all pictures from albums prior to posting, if you cannot remove the pictures from an album it will attract a slight surcharge for extra labour costs. Please call us and talk to us about scanning in photos still in albums. If you would like prints from the scans please indicate at the time of ordering or give us a ring after you've sent your photos.

We will save the images as high quality JPEG's but if you require a different format then please call us and we will arrange it for you.

NB. No restoration work will be carried out unless specifically requested.

No. Images

Cost Per Image

Additional CDs
1 - 9
£1.20 Per Image + £2.50 for CD with Case
10 - 49

£1.10 Per Image(Price Includes CD & Case)

50 - 100
£1 Per Image(Price Includes Cd & Case)
101+ for quote  

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